New Orleans Boy Meets Local Girl

On a cool day in October, a baby boy was born to a banker mom and police officer dad in the French Quarter. What a neat place to grow up - so filled with rich tradition that one would not learn to appreciate until they would leave it. At 17, that tall, dark, handsome young Italian boy joined the Coast Guard. Off he went to Boston, Massachusetts, before landing in south St. Louis. Thank the Lord for that destination. There was a local girl, just across the river, whose life was about to change forever... Born into a restaurateur family, you can guess what she was doing from the time she was old enough to see over the counter. Escaping work for a few years, she graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield, only to return to do what the blood flowing through her veins told her to do. Micki spent many years managing restaurants across the metro east. This is how the two met. The New Orleans boy made his move on the local girl...he, wanting to talk about their love of cooking. The rest is history and the future is Who Dat's Southern Food. Chris and Micki, along with their three children, are very proud to be living their dream in your town. They are excited to bring their family traditions to you, while you teach them about yours.